Michael McKee
Project Designer/Principal, MTMA architects

Client: International Design Competition

Total Area: 40,000 Square Meters
Status: - 2008

8 Departments - Architecture, Industrial Design, Fine Arts, Ceramics, Glass, Jewelry, Fashion, Photography, Visual and Screen Arts
Cafe and Gathering Spaces

Bezalel Academy

Woburn Public Library
Woburn, Massachusetts

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Bezalel Academy
Jerusalem, Israel

An International Competition for the design of a new home for a new 40,000 sm building in Jerusalem that will be the new home for the interdisciplinary downtown campus for the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.

The site of the new campus was located in the Russian Compound, by the Holy Trinity Cathedral. MTMA's proposal envisaged a building housing the 8 departments of the academy, linking them both internally - with an internal Galleria - and externally, with a series of outdoor spaces, linked to each other and the street with a series of urban stairs, becoming an integral part of the area's vibrant street life.

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