Michael McKee
Project Designer and Principal for MTMA inc

City of Woburn Massachusetts


A 2009 'Ideas' competition for the expansion of an existing Richardson desinged library
Woburn Public Library
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Woburn Public Library
Pleasant Street, Woburn, MA

The original Richardsonian building was conceived as a jewel within a park-like setting, but time and development have slowly eroded the parklike surroundings. Our proposal re-establishes this wonderful concept by wrapping the base of the original library with a landscaped podium, the roof of the new building, creating a green, park-like foreground to the original building when viewed from all sides.

This podium concept provides flexible, scale-able space and a seamless transition between the new and the old. The large skylight provides natural light and an airy feeling to the new spaces, as well as a constant visual connection back to the original building.