Design Process Summary

The following is a brief summary of the proposed objectives and the structure of the process for the design of the park/garden proposed at 1924 Massachusetts Avenue. The objective of the process is to encourage neighborhood involvement, by our neighbors on Porter Road, in the design of the park/garden. We see the design process taking place in three steps:

1. Generation of preliminary ideas for the potential uses and activities for the park
2. Development of the programming and preliminary design options
3. Finalized design and production of the working drawings.

The first step of the actual process will be the development of ideas and options for the desired activities and uses of the park/garden. This step will be open to any interested resident of Porter Road. We see this as an open neighborhood meeting, a brainstorming session, were ideas are generated and discussed. Neighbors could also present written suggestions via the web site.

The second step will involve a smaller Working Committee, composed of interested parties from those most directly impacted by the park - direct abutters and our across-the-street neighbors, as well as the Landscape Architect. During the initial portion of the meeting, we will review the submitted ideas and establish a program for the park, including the target construction budget. This would be followed by a roll-up-the-sleeves design charrette to sketch and discuss design alternatives to achieve the programming goals for the park. By the end of the design charrette, we anticipate that the design team (architects, landscape architects and engineers) should have clear enough direction to proceed with the final development of the park design.

The third step will involve the final development of the design of the park/garden. Throughout this process, the web site will be updated as the design progresses. Progress meetings with the Working Committee can be scheduled if needed or desired..

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Kaya Garden Design
1924 Massachusetts Ave

This web link is intended to allow the neighbors and friends of the Kaya Hotel project to monitor the progress of the design of the garden / park that is part of the project.

We are now beginning the first step of the process - seeking ideas and thoughts regarding the activities and uses that the park design should accommodate. Please forward your thoughts and/or questions, via email to:

Thank you for your participation