These drawings represent a concept of what the garden could be, but the actual design process is just now starting. The design of the park could accommodate a number of potential activities - from a landscaped garden, with a small, comfortable seating area, to an open space suitable for activities (croquet, bocce ball, etc) or neighborhood barbeque's. We are currently looking for feedback from our neighbors regarding the desired activities.

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Kaya Garden Design
1924 Massachusetts Ave

This web link is intended to allow the neighbors and friends of the Kaya Hotel project to monitor the progress of the design of the garden / park that is part of the project.

We are now beginning the first step of the process - seeking ideas and thoughts regarding the activities and uses that the park design should accommodate. Please forward your thoughts and/or questions, via email to:


Thank you for your participation

Kaya Garden Design - Porter Hotel

Birds Eye View