Michael McKee
Project Principal for Moshe Safdie and Associates

UCSD, Office of Design and Construction

Total Area 455,000 sf
Budget $80,000,000

Status Opened Fall 2002

Master Plan and Programming
Design of 1000 Car Parking Garage
Full Services for Housing - 1,200 Student Beds, Administration Offices, Dining, Classroom and Support Facilities, and all site Open Space
Eleanor Roosevelt College
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Eleanor Roosevelt College
University of California, San Diego
La Jolla, California
Eleanor Roosevelt College is a new campus within the larger University Campus, home for the students and faculty of the college. The Provost, and those guiding the design of the college, had stated that the key objective was to create a campus that would promote and foster the sense of Community amongst the students and staff of ERC.
The site for the college slopes gently westward to overlook the Salk Institute, with views of the Pacific. Bridging across the bisecting Scholars’ Drive, the campus is organized around pedestrian streets which link a series of public buildings, plazas and the Campus Green, creating spaces in which these ‘Community Building’ interactions can take place.