King Abduhlla Financial District

Total Area 39, 000 sm
Budget $ 250,000,000

Status CD’s complete, being tendered

Exhibits (7,600 sm)
Lobbies and Public Spaces (2,200 sm)
Admin and Support (6,900 sm)
Retail, Restaurants (1,400 sm)
Circulation (6,200 sm)
Parking and Mechanical (14,000 sm)
KAFD National Aquarium
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KAFD National Aquarium
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Michael McKee joined with C7A as a Special Consultant and mentor to the talented young design team for the National Aquarium in Riyadh. Mr McKee took the lead in the design and detailing of the complex, facetted exterior envelope, including the glazed, roof-top terrestrial gardens, the facetted glazed building base, the perforated metal-clad banding, with the integrated, wrap-around graphics.

Mr McKee, in his role as a mentor to the C7A team, worked with the team throughout the DD and CD phases to identify and resolve Design, Technical and Coordination issues, as well as issues related to the modeling and documentation of the project in Revit.

Michael McKee
Special Consultant / Mentor for Cambridge 7 Associates