Michael McKee - Principal
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The founding member of MTMA architects, Michael McKee has had a career focused on developing projects in an urban context, with a demonstrated expertise in civic and cultural buildings and significant experience with successful mixed-use and residential projects. Mr McKee has built projects across the United States and internationally in Canada, Israel and Scotland.

Mr. McKee is a graduate of the School of Architecture at California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, California (1983, with honors). He joined Moshe Safdie and Associates, Inc., in 1985, becoming an Associate of the firm in 1989 and a Principal in 1999. At MSA, Mr. McKee was directly responsible for projects that ranged in scale from the Air-side Terminal at Ben Gurion International Airport in Israel, to a classic hunting lodge on an estate in the Scottish Highlands. His work includes, civic structures in historic Mobile, Alabama and Vancouver, BC, and cultural buildings in Los Angeles and Toronto. He has worked within the complex urban settings of Vancouver, Mobile, Toronto and New York. While Mr. Safdie took the lead design role on his projects, Mr. McKee was fully responsible for the work through all phases of the projects, from design through the completion of construction.

In 2006, Mr. McKee founded MTMA, Inc. Leading a core group of associates, with whom he has previously collaborated, Mr. McKee continues his exploration of architecture and the development of his own design philosophy and direction. Beginning with the master planning for two projects - Maritime Village, a mixed-use project in coastal Maine, and a Hotel/Resort complex in Stowe, Vermont, Mr McKee is enhancing his reputation for producing high quality designs, that respond to the site and context and address the client’s programmatic requirements, cost and schedule.

Mr. McKee, with MTMA, is also collaborating with other architects, including Kyu Sung Woo, on projects such as the Asian Culture Complex in Gwangju, South Korea - a 1.5 million square foot mixed use project in the urban heart of Gwangju. By teaming with Mr. Woo, the Executive Architect and designer for the project, Mr McKee brings his significant experience with high quality architecture and large urban projects to the team, where he plays the lead role in the planning and organization of the architectural and consultant team.

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